Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Reflections, Emma

Driving alone in the darkness is like being inside of a bubble. Just you, the car, and the long, dark road ahead of you. It's an in-between place where you're only coming or going. It's a moment that will only ever be thought of as a before or after. In both directions there is only dark, shadowy road, broken up by the occasional streetlight. Just you and the headlights of your car, bouncing down the abandoned roads. As it gets later, there gets to be fewer and fewer cars passing, yet you continue to steadily drive. The dark road is a time for quiet music, it seems louder in the aloneness somehow. It's an impenetrable box of intermediate solitude, and yet somehow it's a place of peace.

Intro to Levitation Photography

Levitation - to rise or cause to rise and hover in the air, especially by means of supernatural or magical power.

Paranormal - denoting events or phenomena such as telekinesis or clairvoyance that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding.

One important thing to remember when trying to create levitation photographs is that you need to take a picture of the empty background as well as the model. Multiple layers will need to be used on photoshop. Another thing to remember is that you want as few points touching the model as possible to make it the most realistic. It's the hardest for the model to balance on their back from a single point, but it looks the most magical. Finally, you need to make sure that any clothes are hanging the way they should. It's easiest with either tight-fitting clothes or a long skirt, since jackets can get caught on the balance point and ruin the image.

I think that it would be cool to have multiple people standing on stools at different heights, maybe reaching for each other or grabbing each other. I like the way it looks to have someone lying on their back and having someone normally standing next to them. I might have someone balance on a stool, then have someone upright floating as well. I'd like to use a prop floating in the air as well. Maybe a floating book or pencil or paint brush. I like the way it looks when the hair is loose and floating.

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The Photographers

One interesting thing that I want to remember about this The Photographers is how dedicated the photographers have to be in order to be successful. They have to remain totally still to get a shot, even if it means having bugs crawl all over them and into their eyes and ears. Also, they put themselves in danger by standing in front of a stampeding elephant to get a picture. Another thing that I want to remember is that there are different types of photographers, which I hadn't really thought about before. There are sports photographers, wildlife photographers, and many more different kinds. It hadn't occurred to me that photographers would only photograph a certain field. The final thing that I want to remember about The Photographers is how difficult it can actually be to be a photographer. They have to live away from home for long periods of time, manage equipment and strange places, and even occasionally dangerous situations.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

History of Photography

One thing that I learned about the History of Photography is that the 35mm camera was created by cutting a roll of 70mm film in half and then gluing the two pieces together at their end. Another thing that I learned is that Sally Mann is a very controversial photographer because she photographs her children naked going about their daily lives. A third thing that I learned is that Jerry Uelsmann discovered how to blend photos in the dark room, which allowed him to create photomontages. Finally, I learned that Alfred Steiglitz was one of the first photographers to focus on the compositional aspect of a photograph instead of retouching it to make it look different than it really is. I think that it's important to learn things like this because it allows us to appreciate the photos that we are taking and the materials that we have to photograph with. It gives us a better comprehension of why people appreciate photography so much.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Food, "Emma"

Fruit is sweet
It doesn't taste like a beet
It gets warm in the heat
I can eat it in a seat
I think fruit is neat

I taste the sweet softness of the fruit,
and feel the granola crunch against my teeth,
the yogurt smoothly fills my mouth,
and I eat.
The fruit is fresh and delicious
it mixes perfectly with the granola.
I eat this piece of art,
this perfectly constructed meal.
I think about summer,
the fresh fruit reminding me of sunshine
and I feel happy.

Photos With Quotes

To make this photograph look unique, I used the arch tool on all three groups of words. I spread out the word "speak" so that it would be as long as the dog's nose. On the bottom sentence, "but only" and "to listen" are separate layers because the arch didn't curve the right way if the entire sentence was connected. I used a font that is playful but bold so that it stood out. Also, the color of "dogs do" is a lighter version of the rest of the text, so it matches but shows up clearly on the black of the dog's fur. The rest of the text is the exact color of the dog's paw.

On this photo, I curved the initial words to match the curve of the plume of water from my humidifier. I also made the words "fire" and "smoke" red to stand out, which worked because the rest of the photo was relatively monochromatic. The font that I used was serious to match the quote, but also fun looking to match the photo. On each of the curved lines I had to use three layers to make the arch work at the right angle. I made the word smoke bigger than everything else because that's the part of the quote that best relates to the photo. Also, the straight lines contrast well with the curved lines and make it visually appealing.

 On this photo I slanted the top sentence to match the horizon line. Also, the color is the same as the ocean below it. The color of the bottom sentence is the same color as the clouds in the sky. The words "heart," "imagination," and "soul" are a different font because they seem like the most important words. The font of the majority of the quote is pretty serious, but the three key words are more dramatic looking. Also, I fit the bottom sentence into the space between the pole and the edge of the photo.

The two most important things that I learned by doing this assignment were that small details matter and color plays a really important role in photos. While editing, if you put one word too close to the edge of the photo or used the wrong font the entire edit would look bad. Also, you had to look at the angle of the arch and match it to something in the picture. When I chose the color for my font, there had to be a really careful balance. If it was too dark or too light then it couldn't be seen but it also had to match the color of something else in the photo. It was difficult to find the perfect shade.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

David Hockney Inspired Photomontage

The scene that we were trying to communicate was of a girl hanging from a tree with her hair defying gravity by standing straight up. The background is the school and there is snow on the ground and multiple trees are in the shot. We were successful because we managed to take multiple shots from different angles of the school, the ground, and the sky then cut them up and put them back together to look realistic. We also achieve the look that we were going for with Allie hanging from a tree by having her do a handstand while we photographed her so that when we turned the photo upside down her hair would look like it was standing straight up. One of the things that I learned as result of doing this project is that it's important to look at things from different perspectives while photographing because then you can choose which part of the subject you want to portray. Another thing that I learned is that it's important to pay attention to the lighting in a photograph because not only can it change day to day, but it can also affect how your photo comes across. Finally, I learned that it's possible to manipulate photos so that they portray what you want them to, even if it's not how the photo was intended when it was taken.